Senusret I

Senusret I
(reigned c. 1965–1920 BC)
   Throne name Kheperkare. Son of Amenemhat I, founder of Dynasty 12. He was named coregent with his father c. 1965 BC to secure the new dynasty and succeeded to sole rule following his father’s assassination about 1955 BC. The circumstances are mentioned in the tale of Sinuhe, but the motive for the assassination and the means by which the conspiracy was crushed remain unclear. Senusret I maintained the policy of expansion in Nubia. His reign appears to have fostered literary composition, as evidenced by the production of the story of Sinuhe, the Prophecy of Neferti, and the wisdomtext The Instruction of Amenemhat I. An important example of his construction work at Karnakhas survived in the form of a kiosk with intricately carved hieroglyphs. He also erected a pair of obelisks in the temple at Heliopolis, of which one survives. He was buried in a pyramid complex at Lisht, which was excavated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1908–1934 and 1984–1989. His principal wife was his sister, Nefru, and he was succeeded by his son, Amenemhat II.
Historical Dictionary Of Ancient Egypt by Morris L. Bierbrier

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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